A Broken heart


A Broken Heart is the first part of a personal project exploring love.

Love is not just a want, it is a need. It is a common denominator that - unknowingly - connects us globally. Without it, we would not survive. Love doesn't just come in the cliche forms of man meets woman, gets married and lives happily ever after - who ever commercialised this needs to be shot! Love isn't about posing your hands into a heart-shape in front of a sunset and taking a selfie on timer. Nor should the energy of love be concentrated into one day a year where the size of our purses or wallets determine the amount of love we have for another, purely driven by capitalism (hashtag rant over!). Love comes in many different shapes and sizes; maternal love, the love for your domestic animal, same-sex love, self love, the love for a friend, the love for someone you have just met or even for life itself. A Broken Heart is the first of a series where I explore and illustrate how love can affect us all, in this case; a broken heart. From here forward I will continue to photograph love of all types to visually document what love means to others. If you are interested to be apart of my project please email me here. To see my video on A Broken Heart click here. To keep updated as I document more stories stay tuned on my social media channels.
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