Beautiful Black Women


Beautiful Black Women is the beginning of more to come. It is the beginning of me as a photojournalist photographer, a portrait photographer, an artist getting out of my comfort zone to visually explore.

Being out of my comfort zone wasn’t a new thing for me. I’d jumped many times into the deep end only to see how I would swim – but this is an entirely different post! Beautiful Black Women was the first for me to really sink my teeth into my own inner challenges and understandings of the notion of beauty and what it means to me. You see, image is powerful. Whether I am a Commercial Photographer, Photojournalist Photographer, Documentary Photographer, Portrait Photographer or some other genre of photographer I am an artist with a responsibility. I believe my responsibility is to show the less covered stories equally as much as the commercial work I get paid for. With this type of information being readily available to us all we are then able to make our own educated decision, as individuals, to decide what beauty is. For me, beauty is everywhere. Beauty comes from within. If you’re open to seeing it, you’ll see beauty in all differences. For the full story please visit my blog To buy a limited edition print from the series Beautiful Black Women please visit my shop  
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