Blow Dry


Blow Dry is a start-up hair salon offering their clients the opportunity to ‘pop by’ after work to have a blow dry, amongst many other beauty services, before going out for the evening.

Blow Dry required an advertising photographer with portrait photography experience to shoot their launch campaign. As a client Blow Dry were lovely to work alongside, knew exactly what they wanted and had a presented a clear vision to myself and my agent from the start of how their advertising campaign would look. I just needed to make their vision come to life. Using Relevant models to the region coupled with my style and use of lighting Blow Dry required 8 images in total using 3 models. Each image would represent a target market while showing off a particular service offered. I love the simplicity of this shoot, the use of colours, styling, and the less is more approach. It's always a delight to work alongside a client who is progressive, has a clear vision and a similar personal style as your own.
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