Louis Vuitton


The behind-the-scenes life of a Dubai Fashion photographer continues with this photoshoot for Louis Vuitton. Like so many others, this too was in the middle of summer.

Like my previous Ralph Lauren photoshoot, Louis Vuitton decided to do the same... Ask me in late June for a photoshoot to be published in the August issue of Laha Magazine. As the professional Dubai fashion photographer that I am, thinking of nothing but bikram yoga and the 'sandpit', I - excitedly - smiled and accepted. For this Louis Vuitton and Laha Magazine photoshoot I was both Creative Director and Photographer - insert jump in the air and high-five to self here! I LOVE Louis Vuitton. So to be asked to be their Dubai fashion photographer for their upcoming shoot, I was, well lets say, ecstatic, for lack of a better word. My lovely PR from Louis Vuitton arranged the team for me - model, hair, make-up and stylist - and came to me with her idea for the shoot. We did a recce together, worked on moodboards, sorted out all of the logistics and before I knew it, we were on-set at 3am in Deira, Dubai. Temperatures were the usual 35oC at 5am and going up. The air was thick, everyone was sweating and we raced against the sun before it became way too hot to shoot anymore. By 11am I was shooting one of the last shots for the day with the model lying on the boxes - we all had a little turn at this between shots :) Our models, again hailing from the UK, was so exhausted by the UAE's heat I think this is why this image looks so amazing... It's real! At the end of the day I knew I had another amazing photoshoot wrapped for Louis Vuitton and my post production would be even harder when I had to make an edit. But my first stop after shooting... was to find a fridge that I could lie in for a few hours...
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