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Being a Fashion Photographer to me is like the equivalent of a chocolate fondue.. if its done right it can look uber-extravagant and is one of life’s guilty pleasures.

I was trained as a Fashion Photographer. I love the creative freedom and expression being a Fashion Photographer gives you as an artist. Like a surfer searching for their perfect wave, there is nothing more exciting for me than being a Fashion Photographer with all the right elements to photograph my perfect shot. It’s that simple. This fashion editorial photoshoot for MSQRD magazine was my idea of heaven. My client asked me to shoot 2 stories with them, this being one, where I would be both Creative Director and Fashion Photographer for the brief. After a few months of hard work shooting nothing but advertising photography I was in need to flex my creative tools and do a shoot with few boundaries or boxes to tick. For this MSQRD Magazine photoshoot I used a variety of mixed-media to create these images both on-set and in post-production. This is still one of my most favoured fashion editorial shoots and shows my true vision and ability as an artist. More like this to follow :) To buy a limited edition photograph from this series please visit my shop.
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