Ralph Lauren


What is it like to be a Dubai Fashion Photographer? Below is a little behind-the-scenes insider to my summer desert photoshoot for Ralph Lauren.

For this Ralph Lauren and Hia Magazine photoshoot I was both Creative Director and Photographer. My client came to me in late June asking for a desert photoshoot for the August issue. Now whether you're a Dubai fashion photographer or even a resident, you will know this question is like being asked to practice some bikram yoga in a sandbox. It's the middle of summer in a desert...!! I like a challenge. In fact, it has taken me my entire adult life to realise that I thrive on a good challenge. And I am ok with that. But shooting in a desert in the middle of summer? Wow, I had better like the client. Lucky for Ralph Lauren I do. I smile and accept graciously. The team and I headed to outback Dubai the day before to set up camp and prepare ourselves for the following days photoshoot. A little mini adventure - back to my candy store! We began the day at 4am to try and beat some of the heat - it was already 35oC. By 7am we had climbed the highest mountain I could find and started shooting. Make-up was running, hair was blowing, dresses were going in directions they shouldn't have been going for a Muslim country... By 9am temperatures were reaching 45oC and the humidity was around 90%... The photoshoot for Ralph Lauren must go on... Always staying focused the team and I worked together until just after noon in temperatures I am too dizzy to recall. Our gorgeous model originally from Scotland - yes, cold Scotland - showed her true professional style by powering through several episodes of nearly fainting and still looking glamorous - you wouldn't think so from these stunning shots. At the end of the photoshoot I knew we had another amazing photoshoot wrapped for Ralph Lauren and I could not wait to start the post production process. First stop though, was a vino and well worth the wait!
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