Simple life


Does a faster-paced life have to mean we forget to put our heads up, to take a look around us while filling our lungs with a deep breath or to take a moment out of our hectic schedules and remember what it is all about? Could a simple life satisfy the 'double edged sword' of an active mind? Is it possible to realign by reflection of other parallel lives around us?

I am constantly challenging myself with such inner dialogue and questioning my surroundings. As a natural documentary photographer I am passionate about exploring new cultures, understanding different ways to my own, seeing how others live and the impact it has on them as an individual and community. One of my favourite places in Dubai to  just be that documentary photographer, to sit and observe a simple life is at the Dubai creek. Here I am able to connect with parallel lives, encourage questions of reflection and ultimately interpret what I see and feel through visual communication. A Simple life is an encounter of a few mens lives who I had the privilege of spending a morning with. Hearing their story and being apart of their world left me questioning deeply seeded ways of life, human attachment, the perception of importance and the beauty of a simple life. For the full story on a Simple life please visit my blog.
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