Women of the UAE


Women of the UAE is the second part of my personal series where I explore the notion of beauty together with women empowerment while showcasing an eclectic mix of both Emirati's and expatriates.

Women of the UAE is my first portrait photography coffee-table book focusing on the inner-beauty of all women and their contribution to the region. It is a visual time-capsule and cross-cultural communication tool which is now being used by both the Australian Embassy and UN Women Abu Dhabi as state gifts as well as being recognised by Hillary Clinton. Women of the UAE aims to break down stereotypes, give women the confidence to use their voice and celebrate who they really are. As an artist I believe my responsibility is to show the less covered stories equally as much as the commercial work I get paid for. With this type of information being readily available to us all we are then able to make our own educated decisions, as individuals, to decide what beauty is. For me, beauty is everywhere. Beauty comes from within. If you’re open to seeing it, you’ll see beauty in all differences. To buy a copy or a limited edition print from the Women of the UAE series please visit my shop To buy a copy of the book Women of the UAE please visit my shop.
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